Bar / Pool

Centrally set on the property, the bar will be your go to point for any of your needs. Whether your after information on where to surf, book a car, fresh bedding / towels or just an ice cold Bintang to take to the pool - our friendly staff are always there to help.

New for the 2018 season, our swimming pool has become the crown jewel of the camp. Overlooking the a-frame beach break out front, it really is the perfect way to relax in between surfs.

Sumatran Coffee

As we are surrounded by some of the best coffee in the world, we consider having a coffee machine a necessity.

We source all our coffee locally and roast it in house to ensure you’ll be served the best by our trained baristas. We offer a selection of hot or cold coffees, served with fresh, pasteurised cow’s milk.

Fresh Smoothies

We offer a selection of fruit and vegetable smoothies at the bar. All made from fresh, seasonal ingredients bought from the local markets every morning.

They are a perfect, healthy filler between meals. There to give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day.

Drinks & Snacks

We make sure we have a cooler full ice cold Bintangs 24/7, along with a selection of soft drinks. An array of bar snacks, such as nuts, potato chips, chocolate and freshly baked cakes are also available.

We include three wholesome meals / day. Any additional meals can be ordered at the bar.