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All Inclusive


Included in the price, we offer return airport transfers to and from Bandar Lampung Airport. All our cars are air conditioned and we always use trusted drivers.

We also include daily transport to the waves. Our car services are available 24 hours/day. Any use of the cars outside the hours of 07:00 - 18:00 has to be requested within those hours.


Ideal for single or double occupancy - our five, private air conditioned cabins all come with ensuite bathrooms, king sized four poster beds, ample clothes storage and a 6 x 1.5 meter deck overlooking Mandiri Beach.

We can also set up a second bed for any guests wishing to share with a friend.

Food & Drink

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the price. Along with unlimited tea and local Sumatran, coffee, breakfast & lunch consist of a selection of high energy meals to keep you surfing all day long. For dinner, you will have the opportunity of indulging some of the delicious, local dishes. Most the meals served comprise of beef, chicken or seafood. We are more than happy to accommodate any vegetarian or vegan guest upon request.

The Waves

Mandiri Beach is centrally located to all the other breaks in the area, and is without a doubt the most consistent. Exposed to all swells, it is never flat and always packs a punch. The waves come from deep water, breaking onto shallow sand banks, providing us with hollow, long realing walls.

South Sumatra offers everything from beaches, peaks, slabs and points. The coastline offers such a variety, we often have days where we can surf double overhead point breaks in the morning and super fun, head high slabs in the afternoon. We include surf guised with every trip, to make sure you getting it right every time.

Early Season

The early season runs from Feb - May. With consistently clean, small - medium swell, it's without a doubt the best time of the year for the beach break. The winds stay light and variable, offering plenty of variety to surf all of the exposed breaks in the area.

Like clock work, we wake up to off shore winds lasting the whole morning, quite often all day. If it does blow onshore, it'll rain for an hour or so every afternoon, cooling the land down enough to switch it back offshore, for the arvo glass off.

If you want to avoid the crowds and still score constant swell, this is the time to come.

Main Season

The Main season runs from June - October. This is the most consistent time of the year for swell, offering the most verity of waves to surf.

We still wake up to offshore winds every day. Then at around mid morning, the South Easterly trade winds kick in. This is when the reef breaks that favour the trades can turn on

The coastline of South Sumatra is so crooked, there's always somewhere surf. There are plenty of sheltered spots for when the larger swells run. Or if that's what you're after, there are a handful of breaks that love the solid stuff.

Late Season

The late season runs from November - January. Much like the early season, we get spoilt rotten on the beach. The smaller swells groom the sand banks to perfection! It'll turn a 2 - 3 foot swell into punchy, head high barrels

Although it's hard turn our backs on the beachy this time of year, we still get pulses in the swell, allowing us to surf the more exposed reef breaks.

The best part of the late season are the lack of crowds. With the majority of surf camps closing up, the area is left pretty much empty for the whole 3 months. We love it!

South Sumatra

The untouched coastline of South Sumatra is like stepping back in time. Palm tree's for as far as the eye can see, white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkelling on lay days. Boat trips out to the island are also great options for couples or those who need a day off from surfing. Check out the gallery here for a taste of what the area surrounding our camp looks like.